Bovis Energy Scale
and Hertz Energy Scale

These scales measuring the value of food are interesting, but the bottom line is that each one of us has a unique fingerprint based on what we have fed our body.

That is why Himalayan Goji Juice comes with a 90 day 100% money back guarantee on the product. Some may notice immediate results and others may take time. It depends on your body'e ability to absorb nutrients. The most important scale is the Spectrometer Scale. It is a measure of quality assurance that the goji has the highest potency possible.

The most important measurement is how you feel and your ph balance. Disease can NOT live in an alkaline system, only an acidic one.

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Bovis Energy Scale

A French researcher by the name of Antoinne Bovis, in the 1930's came up with a means to measure the "life force" or "natural earth energy" present in water, plants, rock formations and the like.For example, human beings show a reading on the Bovis scale of 6,500. Scientific research has correlated the clockwise or right spin of atoms and molecules with a Bovis reading below 6,500 is neutral for human life (i.e. life-depleting), and anything registering above 6,500 is essentially energy invigorating or enhancing to us.
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Environmental readings below 6,500 are the effect of underground streams, geological faults, and Earth's magnetic grids.Several of Earth's energy vortices exceed 2,000,000 Bovis.

Goji Juice shows a reading of 355,000...the highest reading that many health professionals have ever reported receiving.

Bovis Energy Rating for other reported Health Drinks
Noni ---- 17,000
Sea Silver ---- 24,000
Limu plus ---- 54,000
Xango ---- 53,000
GOJI ---- 355,000

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Hertz Energy Scale

Heinrich Hertz
German scientist Heinrich Hertz in 1887 calculated that an electric current swinging very rapidly back and forth in a conducting wire would radiate electromagnetic waves into the surrounding space. Today we call such waves "radio waves". At first however they were "Hertzian waves, " and even today we honor the memory of their discoverer by measuring frequencies in Hertz (Hz), oscillations per second--and at radio frequencies, in megahertz (MHz).

Hertz did not think that was important at the time, but today we have discovered that EVERYTHING has it's electromagnetic waves and is charged by electrons. The vital organs of the human body are between 55 and 78. Here are some examples:
* Liver 55 - 60
* Colon 58 - 63
* Stomach 58 - 65
* Brain 72 - 78
So our body averages around 65. Food that will do our body the most good has to have at least as much energy. Here are some Food examples:
* Chocolate cake 1-3
* Big Mac 5
* Vitamins in pill form 10-30
* Vitamins in liquid form 56 - 92
* Almonds 40 - 50
* Fruits 65 - 75
* Green Vegetables 70 - 90
* Wheat grass 70 - 90
Health drinks
* Inner Balance 250 - 350
* Noni Juice 500
* Sea Silver 2,000
* Limu 2,000
* Himalayan Goji Juice 6,000
* Other goji juices 1,500 to 3,800

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