Silicon Castles - The Book

Silicon Castles .. The book.

Silicon Castles - the book
Sreedevi Krishnan, a former professor of Political Science has published several short stories and articles in various magazines and newspapers in India and abroad.

In her novel, Silicon Castles, a string of random events control and connect the lives of three immigrants in the Silicon Valley - Arun, a South Indian Brahmin engineerwith a middle class background... Kris, a flamboyant engineer body-shopped to the US... and Abbie, an illegal immigrant involved in drug trafficking.

The story revolves around Arun's relationship with his US born wife, Dr. Lakshmi and the challenges that they face, adding up to the inevitable but surprise ending.

This absorbing story which is meant to inform, entertain, puzzle and disturb the readers is not just all fiction - most of it is true.

About the Author

Sreedevi Krishnan
Sreedevi Krishnan has published a collection of several short stories that have been well received in the literary circle throughout India. She has also published articles dealing with women's rights and social issues, in various leading magazines and dailies.

Born and raised in Kottayam, Kerala, Sreedevi received her Master's degree in Political Science at the age of 21. She has been a professor of Political Science in the Universities of Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Mumbai. She also has a Master's degree in English Literature from the University of Madras.

Her travels throughout the world have greatly influenced and inspired her writings. "Silicon Castles" is Sreedevi's first novel. Her initial inspiration to write this novel came from witnessing the struggles and hardships of
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aspiring immigrant engineers, including her only son. Her son was pampered with all the luxuries of an affluent family before he left for the US to do his post graduation. Just like most other young engineers, her son also set his eyes on the Silicon Valley in California and climbed the corporate ladder to become extremely successful in a multinational firm. Similar experiences in the lives of other Indian engineers and their determination to attain their American dream, inspired Sreedevi Krishnan to write "Silicon Castles".

Reader's Reviews

Bina Guha Thakurta- Bengali Author and Journalist

"Silicon Castles is written in a simple narrative style. It showcases the trials and tribulations of the Indian middle class society. This book aptly arrives at a time of increasing exodus of Indian engineers to the US."

Ash Krishna - American Entrepreneur

"Sreedevi has an exceptional insight into the human psyche in the way that she weaves the tale around the characters. 'Silicon Castles' kept me thoroughly intrigued!"

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